Kerbey Lane

OK, maybe I’m a little biased.  I walked into Kerbey Lane for breakfast, and discovered a menu that was at least half vegetarian or vegan.  After years of breakfast menus centered around sausage and bacon, that was a wonderful discovery!  But I knew that even the meat eaters in my family would love this place.

I’ve been back a few times, once for lunch with my daughter, a few times for dinner as a family, and couple of times for a late night snack with my husband.  All hours of the day, this 24 hour restaurant was amazing.

Low cost, healthy, delicious meals, a friendly staff and warm welcoming surroundings made this an instant favourite.

So far I’ve been to the Kerbey Lane Northwest, and the one actually on a street named Kerbey Lane — both were equally yummy and friendly.  The Kerbey Lane location was charming in a restored Craftsman building, while the Northwest location offered a shady patio with live acoustic music even at breakfast.   Both were dog-friendly — another major plus!

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