Date Night Idea: The Texas religion called High School Football

High school football pictures Austin Texas on A is 4 AustinAs newcomers to Texas, one of the stories we had heard was that high school football was the true religion of the Lone Star State.

Now, we’re from Florida where high school football is pretty major stuff. And during my own high school days, I never missed a game. I thought I had a pretty good feel for the experience.

We had heard from neighbors that even adults who don’t have kids at the schools go to the games, (but we do have a Freshman, so we were okay), so we decided to make it a date night and try it out and see for ourselves. So tickets in hand, and jackets ready, we dressed in school colors and headed out to a local high school football game.

The bleachers were full. And not just with kids and the huge-ginormous band. There were hundreds and hundreds of parents. And almost all of them were decked out from head to toe in school colors AND school emblems. Even their seat cushions featured the team logo!

We had a great time on our date. We cheered, we stood, we sat. We asked nearby parents what the picture buttons some of them wore meant. (The answer? Parents of team members, band members and the cheer squad wear them to honor their kids. Kinda cool!) We were delighted that no one seemed to boo when the opposing team scored or a penalty was called on our side…loved that!

We were lost during the songs everyone seemed to know, and baffled by hand symbols the parents and kids alike did during certain refrains.

But the fact is, we had a great time. And for just under $10 a ticket at the gate and snacks averaging $2, it was a wonderfully inexpensive date night, too. And something we plan to do again (with seat cushions this time…those benches are cold!)

A high school game would also be a great night out with younger kids. Best of all, the tickets and snacks are cheap enough to make it a guilt-free option to leave if they get tired or bored.

If you’re from Texas, going to a high school game might not seem like much of a date night or a family night out. But for those of us who are new to the state, it was a fun evening under the lights.

Check the schedules in your area (they’re online if you don’t have a student in the school) and head out for date night under the lights. And who knows…you could become a real fan of a whole new team.

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