Try Not to Eat ALL the Berries at Sweet Berry Farms!

Sweet Berry Farm Dripping Springs

The blogger group I belong to scheduled a trip to Sweet Berry Farms, a U-Pick farm about an hour from our home.  It was a beautiful day, and we loved the drive through some small towns we hadn’t seen yet.

The farm was much bigger than I expected, and was beautifully kept.  We collected our picking boxes and headed into the field to start gathering.  The hardest part was not popping those juicy, bright red berries right into our mouths!  They looked so amazing…nothing like the anemic excuses for strawberries you find in most markets!

Once we had enough to fill our box, we paid, order a cone piled high with homemade strawberry ice cream, then headed over to the picnic area to dig in.  Believe me when I tell that as beautiful as the berries looked, they tasted even better!!  SOOOO sweet and juicy and flavorful.  And the ice cream was just as delicious.

After we ate for awhile, we had to spend some time petting the friendly horse, and feeding the goats, then we sat back down and ate some more berries!

This is a great place to take kids or out of town guests.  They also have summer blackberry picking and a fall festival, so check for current harvests before you head out.

Bring cash, as they don’t accept cards.  Bring a picnic, and plan to spend some time enjoying this green and beautiful farm. And be sure to read the FAQ’s on their website and follow their directions…GPS’s and Google Maps have a hard time with this Marble Falls location.

Kerbey Lane

OK, maybe I’m a little biased.  I walked into Kerbey Lane for breakfast, and discovered a menu that was at least half vegetarian or vegan.  After years of breakfast menus centered around sausage and bacon, that was a wonderful discovery!  But I knew that even the meat eaters in my family would love this place.

I’ve been back a few times, once for lunch with my daughter, a few times for dinner as a family, and couple of times for a late night snack with my husband.  All hours of the day, this 24 hour restaurant was amazing.

Low cost, healthy, delicious meals, a friendly staff and warm welcoming surroundings made this an instant favourite.

So far I’ve been to the Kerbey Lane Northwest, and the one actually on a street named Kerbey Lane — both were equally yummy and friendly.  The Kerbey Lane location was charming in a restored Craftsman building, while the Northwest location offered a shady patio with live acoustic music even at breakfast.   Both were dog-friendly — another major plus!