Tiny Pies, Big YUMMY Taste!

Tiny Pies Austin Texas

I am not a big fan of sweets unless significant amounts chocolate are involved.  So when I met the mother and daughter team of Kit and Amanda, I brought in the big guns to taste-test the petite desserts…my 6’5″ husband who LOVES sweets!

He started with the Tiny Pies chocolate brownie pie, then moved onto the pecan pie.  His reaction?  “Delicious!” He even insisted I take a taste myself, because they were so good.  Let me tell you, these little pies could almost tempt me to become a dessert lover!  The crusts were flavorful, without a bit of the dryness or gummy-ness that can ruin an otherwise good pie.  (They’re made with butter and cream cheese!!)  And the filling?  YUM!

You can order Tiny Pies online (perfect for events like weddings, summer picnics, luncheons), or buy them at local farmers’ markets.  Word is that area retail stores will soon be adding them as well.